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Professional Manufacturer of Antistatic Gloves

Sunny's Anti-Static (ESD) Gloves are perfect for the electronics and automotive industries, backed by their expertise in the glove industry, comprehensive services, and quality supplies.

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Professional Antistatic Gloves

Sunny's extensive experience in manufacturing ESD gloves, gained through long-term collaborations with clients in various industries, ensures a range of mature products readily available for customers.

What is ESD gloves

What is ESD gloves

ESD gloves feature a non-stick effect, achieved by weaving long fiber polyester nylon with copper and carbon anti-static fibers, inhibiting static electricity and preventing fine dust accumulation for a clean and comfortable working environment.

Application of our ESD gloves

Sunny's Anti-Static (ESD) Gloves are ideal for clean rooms, electronic and PCB factories, precision assembly engineering, semiconductor, automotive, CD-ROM factories, laboratories, and more.

Features of ESD gloves

Sunny's ESD gloves feature a non-stick effect, inhibiting static electricity, and preventing fine dust accumulation, providing a clean and comfortable working environment.

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Rudong Sunny Glove Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a professional manufacturer of various working safety gloves. Such as PU gloves, Anti-static gloves, Anti-cutting gloves etc.

The company specializes in the production of carbon fiber gloves, copper fiber gloves, cut-resistant gloves, anti-static striped gloves, polyester and nylon gloves and other varieties. These products are widely used in the fields of electronics industry, semiconductor, auto parts assembly, product packaging, light assembly, dust-free workshop and daily life.


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For over a decade, Sunny has been involved in the PU glove industry, collaborating with numerous clients worldwide.

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Sunny provides trustworthy services to its customers, ensuring top-quality PU gloves, prompt delivery, and excellent customer support. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount.