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Highly-elastic and light-weighted

Good abrasion resistance and tear resistance

Excellent grip and dexterity

No irritation to skin

Excellent dexterity and durability


Size:S/7, M/8, L/9(other sizes can be customized)

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What is ESD / Anti-static Glove

Anti-Static (ESD) gloves are a remarkable blend of soft conductive and synthetic fibers. Prevent damaging static discharge with a pair of gloves that help you to continue performing at your best.

The Anti-static (ESD) gloves suppress dust collecting electrostatic charges when handling delicate and sensitive static prone materials. Anti-static (ESD) gloves work continuously, discharging static harmlessly. Seamless knit construction for great dexterity, sensitivity and tactility reduces workplace fatigue. Coated palm & fingers provide superior grip, abrasion and snag resistance. Breathable back and anti-bacterial treatment promote coolness and freshness. Stretched yarn makes it lint-free.

Anti-Static (ESD) gloves are ideal for technicians who frequently work inside a computer or handle static-sensitive equipment - semiconductors, computer assembly, PDP, LED, LCD, mobile phone & PCB assembly. Gloves are washable, resistant to chemicals, water and ultraviolet light for multiple usages. Anti-Static (ESD) performance can be applied to all cut resistant gloves.

Sunnyglove ESD/Anti-static Gloves

Made of breathable, seemless nylon knitting technique.

Fitted with a PU-coating palm.

Excellent fit from seemless knit construction

Cleanroom class 10000 - 1000

Less hands fatigue for long time wearing

Lowering lint and dust

PU-coated palm for better grip

Washable at 40ºC with neutral detergent

Reusable, can be decontaminated

Complies with CE EN 388:2003, CE EN 420:2003

Available in a wide range of sizes

Sunnyglove Option:

Anti-Static (ESD) Glove


মাছ ধরার নৌকা

হিসাব করার নিয়ম

Coating option






Polyurethane (PU),

নাইট্রিল (এনবিআর)

PVC dot etc.



Chem Treated



Electronics, Printed Circuit Boards, Assembling, Telecommunication, Semiconductor, Solar, CD/DVD, Automotive, Optics, Pharmaceutics, Film, Farming, Restaurant, Hotels etc. Please ask for our special offers for big order quantities.