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Grey Cut-resistant 5 Black PU Palm Glove


Highly-elastic and light-weighted

Good wearing quality and tear resistance

Excellent grip and dexterity


Size:S/7, M/8, 9(other sizes can be customized)

Color:Grey Cut-resistant glove core、Black PU

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WHAT IS Anti-cutting Glove

The unique technologies have been specially tailored to create a perfect HPPE or special yarn to work in tandem with nylon. Result is cut resistant gloves with high quality which produce consistent cut test results that also look colorful. Seamless knit construction protects hands from workplace injury that is due to non-compliance with safety policy without sacrificing comfort, dexterity, sensitivity or tactility. Coated palm & fingers provide superior grip, abrasion, cut and snag resistance. Breathable back and anti-bacterial treatment promote coolness and freshness. Continuous filament yarn makes it low lint. Non-spun fiber reduces itching. Used for automotive assembly, electronics, glass handling, metal handling, food processing, construction, pulp and paper, plastics, public utilities, recycling & salvage, etc.

Gloves are washable, resistant to chemicals, water and ultraviolet light for multiple usages. Seamless cut resistant sleeves are also available in various length, sizes and colors.

Sunnyglove Anti-cutting glove

Made of breathable, seamless knitting technique.

Fitted with a PU coating that enhances grip

Supplied with a HPPE and glass fiber liner that promotes strength

Breathable design works to keep hands cool during use

Offers superb abrasion and tear resistance increasing longevity

Thin and tight fitting design ensures a secure fit

Low linting construction reduces risk of contamination

Seamless design increases comfort during use

Complies with CE EN388:2016, CE EN420:2003

Available in a wide range of sizes

Sunnyglove Option:

Anti-Cutting Glove




Coating option






Polyurethane (PU),

Nitrile (NBR)

PVC dot etc.






HPPE+Spandex+Glass Fiber or Stainless Steel Fiber


HPPE+Spandex+Glass Fiber or Stainless Steel Fiber


Designed for a wide range of lightweight applications in dry or slightly conductive environments, it is ideal for workers who need a higher level of fit, touch and precision than that offered by their current gloves. 

Also ideal for applications where cotton gloves or no gloves at all are used despite the risk of scrapes, blisters and minor injuries.

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